Step 1: Go to the Jobs tab. In the top right corner of the Jobs list page, click Create New Job.

Step 2: Select the Hiring Company you would like this Job to appear for.

Step 3: Select the Job Group that is most appropriate for this Job.

Step 4: Give your Job an effective title and job description.

OPTIONAL: Include the Job Type (Part-time, full time, etc.), Compensation (salary or range), and the Job End date (if you would like this job to be live for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or until filled.

Step 5: Choose whether you would like to make your job anonymous. 

NOTE: When you make your job anonymous, your job will not be associated with the selected Hiring Company, nor will it display on the Hiring Company’s Career Page.

Step 6: Assign Accounts and email addresses to this job by adding them to the Send Candidates to field. 

NOTE: Accounts assigned to this field will have access to this job (Hiring Company Full Access will be able to edit this job, Hiring Company Restricted users will be able to view this job in their account. Both account types will be able to view the candidates and will have the candidate emails sent to their email). Email addresses who have been added to this field will have candidates sent to their email address.

Step 7: Add the Job’s location.

Step 8: Determine whether or not you would like this job to be active by selecting or deselecting the Publish checkbox.

Step 9: Click Submit.

Step 10: You can either choose to Boost your job or not Boost your job yet. In the Boost overlay that appears, select the job boards you would like your job to appear on. Click the Boost Your Job button.

Note: Only Organization Full Access and Hiring Company Full Access Users can boost a job.

OPTIONAL: If you select Craigslist, the Job Category and Location overlay will appear. Selecting the Job Category and Location will determine where your job will appear on Craigslist.

Step 12: Review your order and click Complete Order. 

NOTE: Your job will show up on your purchased job boards within the day.

Step 13: A published job and receipt email will be set to your account.