As an Organization Full Access user, you have complete visibility of everything that goes on within your Organization.

  • You have full access to all Hiring Companies, Job Groups, and Jobs within any Hiring Company in the Organization.
  • You can create, edit, publish, and unpublish jobs.
  • You can purchase job boards (Boost) and repost jobs (weekly or monthly).
  • You have full access to Billing
    • You can convert billing from Organization-level billing to Hiring Company-level billing, where specific credit cards are assigned to specific Hiring Companies
  • You can view, message, take notes, and rate candidates who have applied to any job.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every Employer account is an Organization Full Access user for their own Hiring Companies. If a user is invited through email to create an Upward.Net account then they are either Hiring Company Full Access or Hiring Company Restricted for another users Hiring Company that they were assigned to.