To stop receiving email job alerts, you can unsubscribe in several different ways.

Pause Job Alerts through your profile

  1. Sign in to your Job Seeker account
  2. Go to Job Alerts
  3. In the Job Alerts section of your profile, you can do the following:

    1. Add or Remove Job Keywords
    2. Indicate the location you are looking for jobs in
    3. Indicate how far you are willing to travel in the Distance field
    4. Change the email address you would like the job alerts sent to
    5. Pause or send job alerts
  4. Under Email Alerts select Please Pause my daily job alert
  5. Click Save

Unsubscribe through email

  1. At the bottom of your job alert, click the Unsubscribe link
  2. On the Unsubscribe page you are directed to, input the email address and/or phone number you would like to unsubscribe
  3. Click Save

Respond to your job alert with "Unsubscribe"

You can also unsubscribe to your email job alerts by simply responding to the job alert with the word UNSUBSCRIBE. We will unsubscribe your email from receiving any further job alerts.