Your job might not be showing up on for several reasons.

Your account is under review

New accounts are reviewed by our Quality Assurance team. It can take between 24-48 hours for jobs in a new account to go live.

You need to verify your account

If your account has not been approved by our Quality Assurance team, you will need to provide information about your account in order go to live. For more information about our Account Verification process, please see the Account Verification FAQs.

Your account has been rejected

If you cannot provide valid proof of your company's existence upon request, your jobs will not show up on or our network of sites. You can contact us at with further questions.

Your account has met its budget

Budgets can be set at three different levels (Organization, Hiring Company, and Job Group) using our monthly, daily, or IO caps. Once hit, your jobs will no longer be displayed on until the next billing cycle or you reset the budgets.

If it's been over 48 hours and your valid jobs are still not showing up on, and are not receiving any traffic, please contact us at

Job Group Status

If a Job Group is inactive, all Jobs within that Job Group will also be inactive. You can see if your job is active if the Delivery Status toggle button on your Job is green.