Upward.net Employer Solutions exposes your job to our network of job boards and in our dedicated job alerts. With hiring budgets as low as $50, your job can be exposed to over 30 million active job seekers.

With the Upward.net Employer Solutions, you can:

  • Promoting your job across Upward.net's full network of job sites. Increase the exposure of your jobs and reach our full network of job seekers and partner sites.
  • Customize your job experience. Make your job stand out with additional interview questions, or by sending them to your own application form
  • Search through candidates within our resume database. Want to search for candidates in our resume database? There are millions of resumes in our database (and growing).
  • Control your spend through budgets and flexible performance pricing models. Even if you have a small hiring budget (as little as $25), you can still take advantage of one of our many flexible pricing models. Whether it be Cost per Applicant (CPA) or Cost per Click (CPC), we can tailor a hiring program for you.

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